Namaste Holistic Health Center will be at the Sustainable Health Expo

The Sustainable Health Expo will be held Saturday, October 29, 2016 from 9am-3pm at the Owego Treadway. Admission is free.

Namaste Holistic Health Center will be offering a variety of services at the Sustainable Health Expo such as Medical Intuitive Health Scan, Customized Bach Flower Essence Therapy, Chakra Cleansing & Balancing, Reiki sessions, Quantum Infinity Bio-Feedback and Cold Laser Therapy.
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Dr. Barber joins Yes Leads at UE High School

uehs-health-fair-10-16 uehs-health-fair-with-louie-g-jackieDr. Barber was asked by Yes Leads to join the Union Endicott Hight School Health fair on October 6, 2016 for their students and teachers. Dr. Barber focused on topics that were  relevant to the students. These topics included: How to help improve cognitive memory for test taking, How to increase performance for sports stamina, How to help with body odor after  gym class &  How to help improve acne. All these topics stemmed from a healthy eating lifestyle.



Psychic Fair – April 9, 2016

Dr. Barber and Michael MacFall will be giving a presentation about the The Soul Ascension Project, at the Unity of Light Psychic Fair. The Fair will be held at the Johnson City Senior Center on April 9, 2016 from 10am to 6pm, and the presentation will happen at 4pm. There will be psychic mediums, vendors, lectures and demos. All are welcome.

30 Brocton Street
Johnson City, NY 13790

Namaste HHC will also be providing services, such as biofeedback, Reiki, Chakra cleansing and balancing, and Customized Bach Flower Essences at their booth for those that are interested.

Fair info: Unity of Light’s Facebook page
Venue info: Johnson City Senior Center website

For more info about The Soul Ascension Project, please visit


U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy’s Got Attitude

patty_sgI never imagined that my conversation with the U.S. Surgeon General, Vivek Murthy, would start out with me saying, “You rocked my world onstage!” Those were indeed my first words to Vice Admiral Murthy, after his 2015 TEDMED talk at the LaQuinta Resort in Palm Springs, CA. I often think of the modern medical community being reserved when it comes to the connection of one’s mind, body and spirit, but I was surprisingly proven wrong by this very influential leader.

The U.S. Surgeon General gave a TEDMED talk on the importance of happiness in our everyday lives, coupled with the prominence of daily meditation. He captured the audience’s attention by asking if we could identify a factor in each of our lives that could reduce one’s risk of heart attacks and strokes, increase the chance to live longer, increase the possible success of losing weight, and decrease the chance that your children would be part of the drug and crime world. This factor was the focus on his talk – happiness.

Vice Admiral Murthy continued by saying that this attitude of happiness comes from a feeling of fulfillment, a sense of purpose, being connected to those we love and/or community – and that these are all key components. Happiness, as Murthy stated, affects us on a physical level. Attitude can affect our cortisol levels, heart rate, blood pressure, and show in our inflammatory markers such as C-Reactive Protein levels. Happy people may just live longer, but there is more to the story. We can’t forget the importance of eating right, getting enough sleep and daily meditation. The U.S. Surgeon General stated, ”Among all these factors for improving health, happiness stands out as a largely untapped and unrecognized resource that has the potential to transform health for individuals and for communities.”

As you can imagine, if happiness is good for our health then unhappiness can be a risk factor adversely affecting our health. Murthy talked about the way we deal with our daily life situations, and how it has a greater effect on our health and outlook than the actual event itself. Consider the importance of attitude and outlook during your daily activities and interactions.

Society has been programmed to believe that healthy solutions are often complex and expensive, but again the U.S. Surgeon General Murthy states otherwise. He talks about research showing that the results to create happiness and good health doesn’t have to cost much money, if any. Utilizing such components as daily exercise, meditation, daily gratitude and being socially connected to our loved ones and our community is the perfect way to stay healthy and in an attitude of happiness.

During Murthy’s talk, he referenced a study that looked at gratitude and happiness. This study had three arms: (1) the Gratitude arm which had to write about five things of gratitude daily, (2) the Hassel arm which had to write about five things that were hassles throughout their day, and (3) the Neutral arm that had to simply write about five things neither positive or negative. After 5 weeks, the Gratitude arm cited a greater level of optimism and had a greater view of life than the people in the other two arms of the study. The Gratitude arm was asked to exercise an average of 1½ more hours each week. The results also included better sleep for the Gratitude arm and fewer physical ailments for that group. The U.S. Surgeon General told me afterwards during our discussion that this isn’t the only study being conducted for happiness and meditation.

Murthy then spoke of Visitacion Valley Middle School in the San Francisco, CA school district. Visitacion Valley was having some major challenges, though middle schools in general seem to have larger challenges than the elementary schools with cliques, bullies and suspensions. The administrators of this middle school tried various programs to help with increasing test scores, reducing suspensions and community violence but up until this point, the numerous programs both during and after school did not seem to yield the results that the school was looking for. In their final attempt, meditation was implemented. The staff, administrators and students were all taught meditation. The school meditated for two 15-minute sessions daily. Now here is the impressive result: within one year, teacher absenteeism was reduced by 30%, the rate of student suspensions dropped by 45%, and children’s test scores and grade point averages rose significantly. For anyone who has a child in school, we know how challenging attending school can be for their stress levels, yet after meditation began at Visitacion Valley Middle School, the students were not as anxious and were actually sleeping better. Plus, their parents stated they were happier children who were a joy to be around while not in school. Imagine, the simple act of meditation implemented within the school system created such a positive effect on both the educational experience and the personal lives of the children and staff. The beauty of these results is that this model for meditation is now being utilized by other school districts across the country with similar results.

I explained to the U.S. Surgeon General that I had attempted to have similar discussions with my children’s school district, especially the physical education teachers. At our high school, children who are not able to participate in Gym must make up the time they missed or write a report. Last year, I approached two of the Gym teachers during my kids’ open house and suggested they implement meditation for those who aren’t able to participate daily for health reasons. Unfortunately, my suggestion did not have a welcome reception and I was quickly dismissed – in their minds meditation is not as valuable as the children making up the daily exercise. They explained that there was no way to measure the children were actually meditating and they must be able to measure a child’s progress in all activities for the class. I told Vice Admiral Murthy that I left that encounter feeling discouraged because a valuable tool was being overlooked by the teachers in my school district. Yet, Murthy had given me hope that the educational system would want to take a second look at this valuable tool to help children in coping with all aspects of their daily lives.

During the TEDMED talk, Vice Admiral Murthy had us do a simple exercise that you can also do after reading this article. He credited Mr. Rogers as the mastermind behind this wonderful tool. Murthy asked us to think of all the people who have ever brought us joy, kindness, understanding and compassion over the years. Close your eyes and think about this for ten seconds. Now, open your eyes and evaluate who it was you thought of. Maybe it was an important teacher at school, a little league coach, a bus driver that often listened to you on your daily rides, perhaps it was a relative, a good friend or many, many of these people who came to mind. These were the people who have helped you over your lifetime to be happy.

The U.S. Surgeon General then stated, ”Each of us have the power to touch other people’s lives. Sometimes, it’s just a simple gesture or a kind word. Imagine if happiness and emotional wellbeing were prioritized in our schools as much a test scores and grades. Imagine if cultivating happiness were a priority in our workplaces.” He then asked that we each take control and action for ourselves and for each other, to create a world where happiness is a part of our schools, community, policies and institutions. Happiness should be a part of our daily lives. By creating this type of environment for ourselves and our children, what an amazing world we will have for ourselves and future generations.

Remember, meditation and happiness is not just child’s play. Meditation and happiness have immense benefits for adults as well. It is a simple solution to our very complex lives. Dedicate a journal for Gratitude or daily happiness. You can easily start by writing down three to five things daily for which you have gratitude. It may take a little longer to write it down, but it is such a powerful tool when we put our words to paper. Next, explore the world of meditation. There are numerous tools online to research how easy it is to meditate. There are various groups that conduct daily meditations both at local sites around the area and online. Suggest to your school districts and workplaces that they implement daily meditation. I will leave you with the words of Louis Armstrong’s famous song…. “I think to myself, what a wonderful world…”

This article appears in The NorthEastern Holistic Resources, January 2016, Vol 18, No. 1.

Patty Barber, ND is a Naturopath that utilizes a unique combination of Natural Health & Energy Medicine for her clients both locally and long distance at Namaste Holistic Health Center.


“I Wouldn’t Be Here if I Hadn’t Been There”

“I Wouldn’t Be Here if I Hadn’t Been There”.
That’s the driving force from my transition out of 20 years in pharmaceuticals to Natural Health. During my tenure of working with pharmaceuticals, physicians and the health care systems, I saw a few distinct yet alarming patterns emerge in the healthcare field. First, I saw very intelligent, talented physicians spending less and less time with patients because that was the mandate. Second, these same talented physicians wrote numerous scripts of pharmaceuticals for their patients because upon subsequent visits, the patient was not better or having a side effect from the pharmaceuticals. Lastly, as a patient, my own physicians were unable to provide me with education on nutrition and herbal support due to their lack of education in these fields during their medical school and training.
This all culminated into the desire to make a difference by going back to school for a Doctorate in Naturopathy (ND). I am able to provide consults to clients for education on Nutrition, Natural Health and Spiritual practices. I also provide non-invasive muscle response testing to determine what imbalances are affecting the body.This information can help you to give your body the tools it needs to re-harmonize. I am also an Ordained Minister.

For those in the Allopathy community, I want to reaffirm I am not a medical doctor nor do I diagnose, treat or prescribe. I gladly leave that to the MD’s.